Here I will show you a whole bunch of different projects on a 
whole bunch of different media and skill levels. 

Whether you want to craft away an afternoon or want to remodel your apartment, 
I hope you will get the inspiration to find the tinker within yourself!

Crepe Paper Forsythia

 With their almost aggressively cheerful yellow colour Forsythia represent the new life spring has to offer. Follow this tutorial to make some of them for a wonderful Easter decoration. 

Crepe Paper Cherry Blossom

 You will surely have stumbled upon pictures of cherry trees raining their delicate petals over by passers. With this Tutorial you can display the delicate blooms in your home all year round! 

Crepe Paper Crocus

As one of the harbingers of spring this flower is perfect for starting this year’s paper flower journey! 

Graphic T-shirt Pillow

The Background behind this was that I had these old Graphic Tshirts, that I have - mysteriously enough - grown out of. As I still really liked the motives on them I wanted to find some way of reusing them. This tutorial is a fairly simple and you can knock out a few of them in an afternoon.