Here you can take a look at some of my previous work. I divided it into sections, each of which has their own concept and packaging. If the piece is still available a click on the picture will lead you to my shop.


I started off making biospheres, tiny little habitats for animals made from polymer clay which are painted with acrylics to breathe life into them. 
Each of them is unique, the materials carefully chosen to portray the piece I envisioned. All of it is protected by a glass dome. 

This is a pendant with the smallest hermit crab inside. it looks so realistic that I once got accused of using a real one.
This is a tiny blue tit on a field of snow. The brass necklace is snaking to the back.
This pendant shows a tiny turtle in various tones of blue on sand.
This tiny caterpillar is longingly gazing up to a golden cocoon, dreaming of growing up.
This is a blue turtle as well but this one is digging itself out of the sand with only its head and the fins visible.
This glass cylinder occupies a fire throated humminbird. It's perched up on a twig. Its feathers are rainbow coloured.
This pendants holds "the little matchstick girl", there's a frozen girl lying on a pebbled street with snow all around her.
In this one a penguin father protects its child in his belly-pouch against the freazing winter. The chick is very excited.
This pendant hosts a blue-dotted sting ray. I tried to recreated the floating motions these animals have.
In this picture there's a little dragoncat yawning while it pressed rainbow coloured point from a tube.
This is a reddish brown octopus with entangled tentacles that have a very annoying amount of suckers.
This is a very fluffy little robin on a field of snow with a little bit of snow on his head because I am a messy gluer.
In this picture there are 3 pendants of animals with their winter and summercoat side by side, snowhen, ermines and hares.
This is a poison dart frog on a heart-shaped leaf. This specific kind is called a strawberry frog, it is red with black dots.
This pendant hosts the island of tavarua which nature shaped into a perfect heart. There's a rainbow on top of it.
This pendant has the shape of a maple leaf and hosts a tiny fire salamander on a little stone.
This little pendant hosts a tiny brown snail on a leaf that this time isn't even a heart!
The boxes for my biospheres are made from finnish cardboard and recycled navy cardboard with a hand embossed logo.
The packaging for "the little matchstick girl" is a little red book with golden lettering.

Commissions and Collaborations

These are a few of the commissions I worked on over the years and also collaborations I did with amazing artists! 
Thank you to each and every one of you!

This one is the smaller version of the unicorn. Its mane is silver with metallic accents and it lies in a bed of lavender.

"Among the Lilypads"

"Among the Lilypads" was the first collection I have been working on, combining jewelry, miniature painting, 
prints and original paintings that all come together to illustrate the serene image of a pond.

Cast Brass Pendants

I then expanded my repertoire to include pendants cast from brass. Although I produce them in larger numbers I finish each of them off by hand and try to add details that make each of them unique. My goal for these ones was to create pendants that would be available for a larger audience without compromising on details.

This pendant is a tiny frog crouching on a heart shaped leaf. It is treated with liver of sulphur to bring out the details.
This pendant is a little maple leaf with finely detailed veins. It dangles from a golden chain and is as big as my thumbnail.
This little pendant is a monstera leaf which uses one of its natural holes for being fixed to the golden chain.
This is an cotopus with an annoying amount of suckers. it has a nice weight to it, but is more a keychain than a necklace.
The packaging for the cast pendants consists of teabags made from transparent paper with a tag with my logo.

Botanical Illustrations

To counteract a few limitations these former concepts posed, I experimented with illustrated pendants, to portray butterflies and flowers which would be too fragile otherwise. Stylistically I orientated myself towards old botanical illustrations and added details like latin names and faded paper.

this picture is of a swallowtail butterfly in a very filigree frame. The writing is a little off-center.
This picture is of a small pendant with a painted golden gingko leaf on a blue and white dotted paper.
Here are two bracelets with a pendant strung on it which is made from a slice of bamboo with a drawing of a bamboo twig.
This picture shows an illustration of a peacock butterfly on sepia paper with the latin name below it.

Postcards and Prints

These are made from original painting I made in Watercolour.


These show a few different projects I've been working on.