Miniature Jewelry

One of a kind. Just like nature.

"My year 2024 in colour"

Miniature worlds to take along

Subtle yet Sophisticated

In this picture there are two lovebird miniatures on a toothpick being painted with a tiny brush.

In the gallery you can 
check out pieces I worked on. 

In this picture you can see me making linoleum prints of my dragoncat. I look quite pretty in it.

Want to know more about the maker behind the tinkery?

This picture shows a cast brass heart with two pandas kissing. It is quite tiny, only as big as my thumbnail.

On the lookout for jewelry 
that's perfectly customized?

This has a handdrawn peacock butterfly in it surrounded by the coloured pencils I used to draw it.

You are a maker yourself?
Here you can find tutorials!